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Jack and I have been immersed in Great Danes for our entire adult lives. Great Danes are more than a hobby with us; it's a lifestyle and responsibility we take very seriously. Our canine activities include membership in the Great Dane Club of America, Great Dane Club of Western Washington, Willamette Valley Great Dane Club, Western Great Dane Club of British Columbia, and the Mount Baker Kennel Club. I am also the founder and one of the principals of Dane Outreach, a not-for-profit Great Dane rescue organization based in Washington state. My experiences with rescue have enabled me value the importance of both breeder and owner responsibility. We both feel strongly that prospective Dane owners should spend time researching Great Danes before making an ownership commitment. Education is very important to make sure this is the breed for you before you buy! And, we want to know you are making an informed choice!

Besides being much-loved family companions, our Great Danes have been successful in the conformation ring, in obedience competition, and as performance dogs. We have the distinction of being one of the very few breeders in the Northwest who has bred multiple dogs with both AKC/CKC obedience and AKC/CKC Championship titles. Additionally, dogs of our breeding have been Certified Therapy Dogs, visitation dogs, obtained tracking degrees, performed in Agility and Flyball, and obtained Canine Good Citizen titles. Dogs of our breeding and/or ownership have also achieved Top Twenty, Honor Roll, and Top Producers status with the Great Dane Club of America. Troy was the #5 Great Dane in the US both 1999 and 2000. He was also the winner of the prestigous GDCA Top Twenty competition. As breeders/exhibitors, our dogs have been successful in the conformation ring. We have finished AKC Championship titles on approximately 24+ dogs of our breeding and CKC Championship titles on countless others.

Because we show, we strive to breed a Great Dane that adheres to the GDCA breed Standard. We take breeding very seriously. We don't breed just to have puppies. Each breeding is planned carefully, with an eye to the future. We feel temperament, health, and adherence to the breed standard are crucial concerns in a breeding program. We consider pre-breeding health testing of paramount importance. All dogs used in our breeding programs are OFA certified, eyes CERF’d, and Thyroid tested. Likewise, certain individuals may have been OFA Cardiac tested. We will gladly provide proof of such testing if desired. First and foremost, our puppies are house-raised. This is very important, for many reasons. It is your assurance that puppies have received around-the-clock attention and socialization, and have been raised in sanitary conditions. We feel the breeder has a responsibility to do as much as they can to prepare the puppies for their transition into a new home. Before they leave our house, they have become famialrized to house noises such as dishwashers, TV sets, etc. Although we do not have children, we make every attempt to expose the puppies to them. At time of sale, your puppy has had its dewclaws removed, had vaccines and wormings appropriate for its age, and has been micro-chipped. Also, puppies are cropped prior to sale. (Note; we will sell pets uncropped but not show puppies.)

At time of sale, your puppy has had its dewclaws removed, had vaccines and wormings appropriate for its age, and has been micro-chipped. Also, puppies are cropped prior to sale. (Note; we will sell pets uncropped but not show puppies.) We will guarantee a healthy puppy at time of sale; guarantee temperament up until 6 months of age; guarantee against hip dysplasia up until 2 years of age; guarantee against wobblers up until 4 years of age. We have a concise and detailed sales contract. We offer one of the best breeder support systems in the Northwest. Upon picking up your puppy, you will received detailed care instructions, written medical records, and training information. Also, we are available to answer any questions and to help with any problems you may have. To obtain a Dane from us, we require the following; a securely fenced yard, the dog must be maintained as a house-pet and not an outside dog; pets are sold only on non-breeding (spay/neuter) agreements; and the dog must be returned to us if the owner can no longer keep it. We have additional requirements which we will be happy to discuss with you.

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