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Our Featured Dane

Shelby after being rescued Hi! My name is Shelby Lynn. I was named after the strong character in the movie "Steel Magnolias". I am about 16 months old. I kinda' had a rough start in life though, I already had two litters of puppies...I was a young mom, not by choice! I am spayed now and can't have anymore, whew! I just went to the vet this week and found out I have to have something called a "radical mastectomy". I have a bunch of mammary tumors that are possibly caused by my over breeding, but they could be something scary called "cancer" so I have to have TWO surgeries to get them all taken out. My foster mom says it is going to hurt and cost Great Dane Rescue of North Texas over $1,000. She says I am worth it though! She is going to add a note below on how you can help me!

Shelby Because I never got a chance to be a puppy, I am trying to make up for it! I learned how to play with other dogs and people and discovered something call a TOY! I will need supervision and lots of Dane appropriate toys until I grow out of my puppiness. (Not to mention something called Obedience Class?!?!) I am very sweet, but can be a little skittish and scared in new situations. I am hand shy and loud noise or new things in people's hands scare me. I am more scared of new men then women. When I am scared, I leap and bark my scariest bark to let the person know I am scared of them. Once I trust them, I am okay though. (My other "owners" were not nice to me...I really don't like to talk about it). Despite this, I LOVE my foster mom as I realize she won't ever hurt me and follow her everywhere. I especially like to sleep at her feet while she is on the couch. I also like to give hugs; though she is trying to get me not to do this unless invited. I don't get it, as I thought EVERYONE liked to be hugged by a Dane! I also like to go on car rides and walks and am pretty good on the leash. (Just hold onto me when there are ducks and birds around, as I like to chase them and make them fly!)

I am a good watchdog and will bark at noises. I like treats especially Snausages, but I only get those when my foster mom wants me to go into my crate, which I have to go in when she isn't home. I really like to go in the car and to Petsmart, as they love to give me treats at the cash register and I ALWAYS get a lot of attention. \

Shelby I like to chase cats, so I can't live in a home with those. I do get along with dogs of all sizes, though I might accidentally hurt a really tiny one cuz I really like to wrestle and play chase in the house. My foster sister, Owen Louise runs under me and I sometimes trip on her, but she is a stout little dog and can handle it! Overall, I think I am a really great dog. I make my foster mom laugh when I try to get someone to play with me by wiggling on my back and making funny noises. If not given enough attention, I will lay down and sigh loudly in disgust. (I like being a drama queen!) I really attach myself to one person; my foster mom calls me her "Velcro". I need a family that will be patient with me until I learn to trust them and know they won't hurt me. I hope to find my forever home soon though; I am ready to start the final chapter in my life, as I know it will be better than the first!

P.S. by Shelby's foster mom: Donations are desperately needed to help cover the cost of Shelby's surgery. Please visit www.danerescue.net to see how you can donate (via check and PayPal). Thank you!

Shelby has recovered well from her first surgery (a radical mastectomy to her left side) and is scheduled to have the other side done on October 7th! Thanks to everyone who contributed to pay her $1,000 vet bill, as we reached our goal! Shelby should be fully recovered in early November and available for adoption. To find out how to adopt Shelby, or one of our many other Danes, please visit our website at www.danerescue.net. Thanks!

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